2018 Chevrolet/GM And Compatibility With Pro



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    Derrick Seleska

    Hi Patrick,

    Sorry for the delayed response. We are still working out some of the kinks since moving our Community over to Zendesk.

    Unfortunately aftermarket devices that plug into the OBD II port such as ours can interfere with services like OnStar. Many other features will work but you may not receive automated diagnostic reports. However, there is a way to initiate the reports manually. Unplug Automatic, then press the blue OnStar button and request an on-demand diagnostic report.

    As for Crash Alert, you can read more here: https://help.automatic.com/hc/en-us/articles/225586208-What-factors-cause-Crash-Alert-to-trigger-

    I hope this helps!

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    Patrick Fleischmann

    Well that's disappointing insofar as the diagnostic report is one of the few things you get with a new GM vehicle these days WITHOUT subscribing to the ridiculously overpriced OnStar monthly safety service.  And not subscribing to the safety service means I can't just push the OnStar button and request an on-demand diagnostic report.  If I could just push the OnStar button and get diagnostics on demand then I'd already being subscribing monthly to OnStar and that would negate the whole point of getting the Automatic app.  

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