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What is Automatic Drive Score?

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What is Drive Score?

Drive Score is our way of figuring out the best way to help you drive more safely. Our platform examines driving behavior, driving habits, and external factors like weather and traffic, then offers feedback to improve your driving.   

 Automatic CCA users can view Drive Score right from the app on their phone.    

What Factors do we use?


Driving Conditions

Weather and traffic are contributing factors to your score to create a more complete, contextually accurate picture of your trips and driving history.

Driving Behavior

Automatic can detect when you apply more force than normal, so your score takes hard accelerations and decelerations into account. There are various reasons of why to avoid this behavior, including fuel efficiency and break damage, but it is also not as safe as steady, gradual changes in speed.

Time & Route

Different types of roads, frequency of use, and time of day can impact your score, as they represent an important component of your total driving exposure.


Please go to the Drive Score page to see a glossary of terms



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