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How Does the Check Engine Light Feature work for Automatic CCA

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When does the Check Engine Light (CEL) turn on?

The check engine light comes on when the vehicle’s engine control unit (ECU) detects a problem that may affect vehicle performance and emissions.

How do I know what’s wrong?

The ECU reports diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) that describe the issue detected. Automatic can read any generic codes and offer a description (if available).

What do I do when an issue is detected?

Minor issues, such as a loose gas cap, can easily be dealt with on your own. We can't advise on specific repair procedures for your vehicle, but the information Automatic can detect will help a qualified mechanic with their diagnostics.

What if my engine light is on, but there are no trouble codes?

Some trouble codes are proprietary to your vehicle’s manufacturer and might indicate a problem beyond Automatic's capabilities to read it. We advise to take your vehicle to a mechanic who specializes in your vehicle’s make in these cases.


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