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Does Automatic Pro provide odometer or speed data?

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The Automatic Pro adapter does not provide odometer or speed data, unfortunately. That said, here is a full list of available functions and features: 

  • Individual Trip Routes and Stats (start/end time, avg MPG, cost, etc.)
  • Decode & Clear Check Engine Light
  • Check Engine Light History
  • Parked Location Tracking
  • Trip Tagging for Business
  • Customize Vehicle Names
  • Crash Alert
  • Remote Vehicle Tracking
  • Fill-Up Logging
  • Drive Style Analysis (Insights)
  • Event Based apps (IFTTT, Nest, etc.)
  • Web Dashboard
  • Dashboard Labs
  • Live Location Sharing
  • Gas Station Locator
  • App Shortcuts (iPhone only)
  • Weekly Drive Stats
  • App Widget (iPhone only)
  • Rich Notifications (iPhone only)
  • VIN and Make/Model Vehicle Data Storage

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