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I am not able to sync my adapter

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Syncing should generally happen automatically but because Bluetooth is not 100% reliable, you may need to kickstart the connection if you're having trouble.


Can you try the following steps before your next drive? This should get you up and running properly. Please note that if you haven't synced for some time, it may take a bit for any older trips to appear in the app. You may not see them immediately.


  1. Unplug the adapter from your car while your car is off
  2. Turn off any power saving modes on your phone as they can sometimes affect Bluetooth
  3. Open the Automatic app and go to the syncing screen
  4. Plug the adapter back in
  5. Go through the syncing process, turn your car all the way on, and continue on your drive


If there's a lot of data to upload, it may overwhelm the Bluetooth connection and throw an error. In that case, go ahead and continue on your drive but keep the Automatic app open. This will ensure the connection between your phone and the adapter and enable it to continue to upload data.

If unplugging and replugging the adapter does not start the syncing process, the next step is to re-set up the car.  This will manually re-pair the adapter to your phone and should enable it to continue to upload data. Please follow the steps below.


  1. Unplug the adapter while your car is off
  2. Go to the main settings menu in the app
  3. Select "ADD A VEHICLE"
  4. Follow the steps to completion


Despite it saying "add a vehicle", this process will not create a new entry for the same vehicle. Please let me know if you're still having trouble after that and we'll go from there.

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