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I have several cars on my KnowYourDrive policy, what’s the best way to set them up?

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Our recommended setup for multi vehicle households in the KnowYourDrive program depends on which type of adapter you have. While your discount calculations will be the same regardless of how you set up your Automatic account, this article should help you in providing the best multi-car experience for your household.

Gold Automatic Pro Adapter


There's two ways to set up multiple cars with the gold Pro adapter.

All vehicles under the same Automatic account

  • This enables you to have one account all of your drivers can log into, giving you a global view of all the cars on your policy.
  • Notifications are set at an account level, meaning everyone logged in to that account will have the same settings. If you have driving and parked notifications enabled for example, everyone logged in to that account will have the same notification settings. See this article on how to manage this.

Each driver sets up their own Automatic account

Silver Automatic Lite Adapter


If you have a silver Lite adapter, our recommendations are as follows:

  • All vehicles should be set up under one Automatic account
  • Any additional drivers of said vehicles should download the Automatic app and sign in to the above account
  • Additional phones/logins do not need to be set up, they simply log in and will connect automatically

The main reasons we recommend this are:

  • A vehicle can only be associated with one Automatic account at a time
  • Having all drivers logged in to the same account will help ensure reliable syncing

If the adapter isn't synced with a phone for some time, it can start to fill up with data. The more often the adapter syncs to a phone, the less likely it is you will run into issues with syncing.

If you've already set up a car on one Automatic account and wish to remove it, please refer to this article for instructions.

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