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Why didn't Automatic detect the light on my dashboard?

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Automatic can only report Check Engine Light (CEL) information and not other types of alerts on your car's dashboard. This is also known as a Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL). Other notifications, such as maintenance reminders, tire pressure sensors, oil pressure, etc., are not ones we can decode. The CEL will look something like this:


Automatic can only read and interpret generic "P" class OBD-II codes given by your car. These are known as Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC). This particular class of codes relate to your vehicle's emissions. Many of the other notifications you may receive on your car's dashboard are not communicated in the same manner as P class codes. This means Automatic cannot interpret them.

If you do see any additional lights go on, please take it to an authorized repair shop so that they can diagnose the problem.

To learn more about your vehicle's "Check Engine" light, check out this blog post.

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