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Automatic Pro: What if I switch cars or phones?

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Switch phones

Switching phones with Automatic Pro is easy. Since it connects using its built in 3G modem, you don't need to pair it via Bluetooth when you switch to a new phone. You will simply need to download the Automatic app and sign in to your account. 

*Note: If you have Automatic Lite, please follow the instructions below for switching cars if you have a new phone.

Switch cars

Once a car is set up with Automatic, it cannot be moved to another one without going through this process. If you move it to another car without going through these steps, it may still "think" it's installed in the previous vehicle.

To move your adapter to another vehicle, please follow the steps below. This process must be followed each time you move the adapter from one vehicle to another. 

  1. Unplug the adapter from your car
  2. Visit the launcher in the Automatic app
  3. Select "ADD A VEHICLE"
  4. The setup process will be identical to the one you went through with your previous vehicle


If you need to remove a car from your account, please refer to this article.

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