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How do I download/export my driving data?

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Note: See this FAQ on how to just download trips you've tagged as "business".

*** Please note this feature is not available to KnowYourDrive Participants

To download/export your driving data, you'll need to log in to the Automatic Web Dashboard on a desktop or laptop computer. The interface was designed for larger screens in mind.

Click on the “Export” button in the lower right-hand corner of the page. Once you click on export, you will be presented with the following export options:

  • Export selected trips
  • Export trips currently in trip list
  • Export all trips

Once you click on one of the above options, the data will download into a .CSV file on your computer. 

If the web app freezes as it's trying to process the export, please try exporting a smaller date range. If you try exporting too much data at once, it may freeze up.

To select a specific trip(s) for export, simply click on it within the list. A blue line will appear along the left-hand side of a trip once it’s selected (see screenshot below).


The data export file will contain the following fields. A sample export file is attached to the bottom of this article.

  • Vehicle
  • Start Location Name
  • Start Time
  • End Location Name
  • End Time
  • Distance (mi)
  • Duration (min)
  • Fuel Cost (USD)
  • Average MPG 
  • Fuel Volume (gal)
  • Hard Accelerations
  • Hard Brakes
  • Duration Over 70 mph (secs)
  • Duration Over 75 mph (secs)
  • Duration Over 80 mph (secs)
  • Start Location Lat
  • Start Location Lon
  • Start Location Accuracy (meters)
  • End Location Lat
  • End Location Lon
  • End Location Accuracy (meters)
  • Path
  • Tags

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