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Does the Automatic adapter use power when my car is off?

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When the ignition is off and the car has gone to sleep, Automatic consumes less than 5.5 mA from the battery.

If a car battery is old/unhealthy, though, leaving the adapter plugged in could cause a battery to be drained if left plugged in without running the car for long periods of time. 

If you're experiencing a long crank, the clock resetting or radio resetting occasionally, a car alarm going off randomly, your handsfree Bluetooth link having intermittent issues, those might be signs of an old/unhealthy battery. In those situations, we recommend unplugging the Automatic adapter and having the battery checked.

If you're unsure about your battery's health, unplugging your adapter while you're not driving the car for multiple days, then plugging it back in before you start driving again is recommended. Particularly if your car is sitting in cold weather.

Additionally, if there are other factors that could "wake" your car back up while the ignition is off which could in turn "wake" the adapter up, it would consume more power than when it's in sleep mode. Some after-market components can do this. 

There are some cars that go into a diagnostic mode when *anything* is plugged into their OBD port which in turns keeps the car awake and can drain the battery - we've marked these cars as "unsupported" in our car compatibility database.

If you have not yet completed setup, it’s important to keep the adapter unplugged, especially if you plan to not drive for an extended period of time. Only plug the adapter in when instructed to do so in the app during the Setup process.

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